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Appia Energy S.r.l.

Appia Energy is a partnership between EuroEnergy Group S.r.l, the leading company of Marcegaglia Energy business unit involved in renewable power plant development, construction and management that currently holds 51% of the share capital, and Cisa S.p.a, located in Massafra, involved in waste management process, RDF production and landfill biogas power production, owner of the remaining 49%.

Appia Energy, located in Massafra (TA), is a center for the production of electrical energy, using environmentally friendly and non-conventional fuels (RDF and/or biomass) as by Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments and supplements, with the purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions arising from the use of fossil fuels.
For this aim, respecting the characteristics of the fuel used and the best environmental performance, the plant combustion system uses an oven fluidised bed.

• 94,000 t/y of RDF converted in energy
• 1,000,000 m3 of landfill in 10 years avoided
• 17,200 toe per year saved
• fuel storage and handling system
• bubbling fluidised bed steam generation system
• thermal cycle with steam turbine
• ash handling, storage and disposal system
• electric system
• automation system
• auxiliaries
• double system for continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)

Gross power: 12.25 MW
Thermal power 49.5 MW
Net power: 10 MW
Grid voltage: 20 kV
Grid frequency: 50 Hz
Operation hours: 7500 h/y
Annual capability: 75GWh

Legal Head Office:
Contrada Console
74016 Massafra, Taranto - Italy
tel. 099 8804 187 - fax 099 8804 168

Organized by:

Organising secretariat:

With the scientific
support of: