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Monday 14th - Session A

- 11:10-12:40
Plasma thermal treatment of waste
Chair / Presidente: S. Fiore (IT)

A. Perna, M. Minutillo, A. Lubrano Lavadera (IT)
Plasma gasification and fuel cells technology for waste to energy power plants: models development and performance comparison
E.M. de Oliveira, A. Santos Francisco, L.C. Rolim Lopes, J.A. De Castro (BR)    
A multiphase multicomponent model applied for a plasma incineration reactor of domestic solid waste
L. Mazzoni, S. Elagroudy, R. Ahmed, I. Janajreh (EG)
Plasma vs entrained flow co-gasification of MSW and petroleum waste
K.P. Jain, J.F.J. Pruyn (NL)
Economic impact assessment of using a plasma gasification plant on a large ship recycling yard

SESSION E2 - 14:00-15:40
WORKSHOP: Integration of thermo-bio-chemical conversion - Chinese experience
Chair / Presidente: P-J. He (CN)
Introductory lecture:
P-J. He (CN)    
Opportunity to integrate thermo-bio-chemical conversion for sustainable waste-to-energy: Chinese experience

15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION E3 - 16:10-17:50
Pyrolysis and gasification of different waste
Chair / Presidente: M. Ragazzi (IT)

H. Takala, J. Kaasalainen, J. Isaksson (FI)
Large scale SRF gasification in Kymijärvi II power plant
D. Lebonnois, J-P. Tagutchou, A. Quintero Marquez, E. Lebas, B. Ferrand (FR)    
Waste gasification for industrial processes
K. Özdenkci, C. De Blasio, G. Sarwar, M. Järvinen, P. Oinas (FI)   
Feasibility study for supercritical water gasification of black liquor
Y. Chen, Y. Zhang, X. Xu, J. Yang, S. Liang, R. Guan, H. Li (CN)
Thermogravimetric analysis and kinetic studies on waste printed circuit boards nonmetal fraction using two models 
J. Eke, J.A. Onwudili, A.V. Bridgwater (GB)
Pretreatment of biogenic-rich trommel fines for fast pyrolysis 
G. Ionescu, E. C. Rada, C. Marculescu (RO)
Light packaging waste gasification in a rotary kiln labscale reactor







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