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Monday 14th - Session B

- 11:10-12:40
Pyrolysis of sewage sludge
Chair / Presidente: C. Cord'homme (FR)
G.T. Yu, D. Chen, D.J. Chen, H.F. Du (CN)
Producing high quality syngas from sewage sludge based on thermochemical conversion: liquid product avoidance
M. Tomasi Morgano, H. Leibold, F. Richter, H. Seifert, D. Stapf (DE)
Screw pyrolysis technology for sewage sludge treatment
J. Yang, J. Song, S. Liang, X. Xu, Y. Chen, Y. Zhang, R. Guan, H. Li (CN)    
Effect of water content on the yeild of gas production from pyrolysis of deep-dewatered sludge cakes
K. Gorazda, B. Tarko, A.K. Nowak, S. Werle, Z. Wzorek, H.Kominko (PL)
Sewage sludge as a fuel and raw material for phosphorus recovery: combine process of gasification and P extraction


SESSION B2 - 14:00-15:40
Environmental and economic drivers in WM
Chair / Presidente: O. Ayalon (IL)

R. Cremiato, C. Tagliaferri, M.L. Mastellone, L. Zaccariello, P. Lettieri (IT)    
Environmental impact of Municipal Solid Waste using LCA methodology: a real case study and possible alternatives
I. Frantzis, C. Raptis, D. Skoura, E. Petrodimopoulou (GR)
The adaptation challenge of the new national waste management plan in Attica region. The technical and economic aspects of the inter-municipal solid waste management in Western Attica region
F. Bartolacci, A. Paolini, M. Soverchia (IT)    
Financial performance and environmental sustainability: what relationships within Italian waste management companies?
M. Bogacka, K. Pikoń, M. Landrat (PL)    
Environmental impact of PV cells waste scenarios
L. Lombardi, I. Pecorini, C. Nocita (IT)    
Environmental evaluation of MSW managament system based on biomethane production

15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION B3 - 16:10-17:50
LCA in Waste Management
Chair / Presidente: T. Matsuto (JP)

F. Ardolino, C. Berto, U. Arena (IT)
Environmental impacts of a material recovery facility in a life cycle perspective
M. Haupt, C. Vadenbo, S. Hellweg (CH)    
Life Cycle Assessment of Swiss Municipal Solid Waste management
S.J. Burnley, T. Coleman (GB)
The environmental and financial benefits of recovering plastics from residual municipal waste before energy recovery
K. Pikoń, M. Bogacka (PL)
Environmental value of localization in waste management scenarios
D. Reinhart, T. Sarker, K. Kibler (US)
Food waste management alternatives within the food-energy-water nexus 


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