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Monday 14th - Session D

- 11:10-12:40
Gasification of different kind of biomass
Chair / Presidente: A. Lagerkvist (SE)

Y. Lenis, S. Ramos Carmona, J.F. Perez (CO)
Efficiency and flame front velocity in function of physical properties of biomass under gasification regimes in fixed bed 
M. Huemer, M.B. Huber, A. Hofmann (AT)
Floating-fixed-bed-gasification: from wood to residual biomass utilization 
F. Parrillo, G. Calì, E. Maggio, A. Pettinau, O. Annoscia, A. Saponaro, U. Arena (IT)
Fluidized bed gasification of biomass: design and operating criteria from a pilot scale study
S. Nanda, A.K. Dalai, I.S. Butler, J.A. Kozinski (CA)
Supercritical water gasification of model effluents from fruit processing (fructose) and dairy industries (lactose) to hydrogen fuel
S. Link, S. Arvelakis, A. Paist, T. Liliedahl, C. Rosén (EE)
Effect of leaching pretreatment on the gasification of wine and vine (residue) biomass
H.J.M. Visser, L. Fryda (NL)
Energy and biochar as two products from residual wood after composting


SESSION D2 - 14:00-15:40
Pyrolysis and gasification of biomass
Chair / Presidente: 

T.M. Ismail, M.A. El-Salam, E. Monteiro, A. Rouboa (EG)
CFD model on fluidized bed gasifier using agro-industrial biomass as fuel 
M.M. Yung, K. Iisa, K.A. Magrini (US) 
Biomass pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading for hydrocarbon fuel production: multi-scale catalyst evaluation and development
T. Ishiyama, K. Koido, T. Nunoura, K. Dowaki (JP)
A life cycle analysis on low-pressure methanol production through biomass gasification
S. Sumathi, L. Goh Ching, N.W.S Klinsmann, J.K.B. Mohammed (MY)
Thermal treatment of palm oil mill sludge using conventional pyrolysis and microwave: a comparison study for copper removal
P. Bartocci, M. Pergolari, C. Beatrice, F. Frusteri, G. Bidini, F. Fantozzi (IT)
Batch pyrolysis of pellet made of biomass and crude glycerol: mass and energy balances



 15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION D3 - 16:10-17:50
Thermal degradation of biomass
Chair / Presidente: L. Lombardi (IT)

M. Rudlinger, J. Angleitner, N.N. Vasen, W. Frenger (CH) 
Modular zero-emission energy plants: bio-residues & waste to energy & synthetic fuel 
G. Di Marco, R. Manuzzi (IT) 
Production of energy from biomass and waste in combustion plants subject to national IPPC Permit in Italy 
J. Spence, D. Buttsworth , B.K. Mccabe, C. Baillie, D. Antille, B. Carter (AU)
Abattoir paunch waste as a biomass energy source: investigations into drying rates 
A. Surjosatyo, H. Dafiqurrohman, Muammar (IN)
Impact of co-combustion wood pellet with coconut shell or rice husk on sand agglomeration and bed temperature in bubbling fluidized bed combustor 










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