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Monday 14th - Session F

SESSION F1 - 11:10-12:40
Waste to energy of animal waste
Chair / Presidente: M.C. Zanetti (IT)
S.D. Yap, S. Astals, P.D. Jensen, D.J. Batstone, S. Tait (AU)
Sufficiency of native microbial activity for start-up of solid-phase anaerobic digesters treating manure residues
A. Kazoka, J.M. Ndambuki, J. Snyman (ZA)    
Biogas production by co-digestion of domestic animal waste: a case study in Thohoyandou, South Africa
S. Wiesgickl, A. Weger, R. Jung, F. Stenzel (DE) 
Biogas production from animal by-products 
R. Hackl, J. Hansson, F. Norèn, O. Stenberg, M. Olshammar (SE)
Utilisation of ciona intestinalis for biogas and biofertilizer production - Process modelling, carbon footprinting and sensitivity analysis
Y. Sha, M.Z. Othman (AU)
Feasibility of one phase and temperature phase anaerobic digestion for the management of waste activated sludge and meat processing wastes
U. Javid, J.O. Bastidas-Oyanedel, J.E. Schmidt (AE)
Goat dung valorization through dark fermentation – Producing high value chemicals


 SESSION F2 - 14:00-15:40

Case studies of bioenergy production
Chair / Presidente: P. Calabrò (IT)

J. Grove, P.A. Lant, C.R. Greig, S. Smart (AU)
Utilisation of Municipal Solid Waste to produce dimethyl ether (DME) as a clean cooking fuel alternative in India - A case study for Kolkata
M.R. Vaidya, R.R. Vaidya, S.S. Ardhapurkar (IN)
Techno economic analysis of a business model - For biomass pellets from rural agro wastes for power generation in industries by generating rural enterprenuership through biomass pellets
J. Hřebíček, O. Faldík, Z. Chvátalová, E. Kasem, O. Trenz (CZ)
Sustainability assessment of biogas plants
T.H. Lee, H.W. Kim (KR)
Mixotrophic growth kinetics of Chlorella Sorokiniana treating livestock wastewater
J.U. Yu, H.W. Kim (KR)
Removal nutrient from livestock wastewater using microalgal photoautotrophic sequencing batch reactor
P. Blanco-Sanchez, J. Lad, A. V. Bridgwater (GB)
Glucose production from anhydrosugars by acid hydrolysis

15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION F3 - 16:10-17:50
Codigestion of solid biomass with manure and other liquid waste
Chair / Presidente: E. Voudrias (GR)

E. Rosas-Mendoza, A.L. Luis-Garcez, N.A. Vallejo-Cantu, J.M. Mendez-Contreras, A. Alvarado-Lassman (MX)
Anaerobic co-digestion of citrus waste with cattle manure for biogas production
A. Crolla, K. Kennedy, C. Kinsley (CA)    
Performance of on-farm anaerobic digester systems digesting dairy manure with various substrates - Canadian case studies
A. Chiumenti, F. Da Borso, S. Limina (IT)
Dry anaerobic digestion of cow manure and agricultural products in a full-scale plant: efficiency and comparison with wet fermentation
H. Guven, M.S. Akca, E. Iren, F. Keles, I. Ozturk, M. Altinbas (TR)
Co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and landfill leachate

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