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A. Biomass and waste characterisation as a potential energy source
Municipal and industrial waste, Agricultural and horticultural waste, Hazardous waste, Clinical waste, Shredded car light fractions ("car fluff”) etc., Analytical and monitoring parameters.

B. Renewable fuel (Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Gas liquification, Hydrogen)
Production processes, Quality, Technologies, Handling and storage, Residues management.

C. Anaerobic digestion
Appropriate technologies for different organic substrates, Processes, Operation, Gas treatment and utilization, Treatment of residues (digestate, wastewater), Analytical and monitoring parameters.

D. Refuse-derived fuel / Solid recovered fuel (RDF/SRF)
Characterisation and quality, Production, Handling and storage, Thermal utilisation, Co-combustion, Residues.

E. Thermal treatment (Combustion, Pyrolysis, Gasification and Others)
Processes, Energy utilization, Technologies, Efficiency, Upgrading of existing plants, Corrosion and Operation problems, Gas cleaning, Ash treatment and utilization.

F. Economic aspects
Capital and operational costs, Revenues, Financing.

G. Decision tools
LCA, Risk Assessment, Environmental impact assessment, Sustainability achievement, Energy and material balances.

H. Policies and Legal aspects
Regional, National and international approaches, EU Strategies and directives, Legal responsibilities.

I. Climate change and Sink
CO2 credits, Carbon balance, Reduction of GHG, Energy saving etc.

J. Ecotoxicological aspects and Health issues
Occupational health, Emissions and human exposition, Epidemiological studies.

K. Public acceptance
Information campaigns, Public involvement, Mediation and consensus.

L. Experiences and new developments
Case studies, Pilot plants, R&D projects.

M. Developing countries
Adaptation of technologies, Specific developments, Political and financial perspectives.

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