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Tuesday 15th - Session A

SESSION A4 - 9:00-10:40
Companies Forum (I)
Chair / Presidente: R. Cossu (IT)

The primary goal of these sessions is to foster exchanges between practitioners and the academics, promote novel solutions to today’s challenges in the area of Waste to Energy, provide practitioners in the field an early opportunity to evaluate leading-edge research and present their latest products and services. 
Ample time for discussion will be provided, as well as opportunities for networking. 

A. Basharzad, L. Conti, L. Nettuno, G. Moro, P Simone (IT)    
A new approach for sustainable MSW management in emerging countries. Application of Best® technology to the Iranian market
S. Delson, G. Kladnik, M. Moore (US)
Sustainable biomass combustion infrastructure for optimal energy recovery
D. Dreschler (DE)
Tail end solution for economical and ecological processing of non recyclables residuals
O. Hedegaard Madsen, T. Norman (DK)
North american WTE boiler design - A different approach


 10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION A5 - 11:10-12:40  
Companies Forum (II)
Chair / Presidente: R. Stegmann (DE)

L. Tomasi (IT)
The Giammarco-Vetrocoke process for the CO2 removal to clean SNG/syngas from biomass (RDF) gasification units
G.C. Faussone (IT)
Transportation fuel from plastic: two cases of study 
W. Frenger (CH)
BNL Clean Energy - Zero emission, zero residue power plants for clean energy
R. Strobel, M. Waldner (CH)
RENERGIA: Highly efficient combustion in a modern Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plant

SESSION A6 - 14:00-15:40
Anaerobic codigestion of food waste
Chair / Presidente: B. Ruggeri (IT)

N. Engler, A. Schüch, M. Nelles (DE)
Waste biomasses from food industry and landscape conservation: biogas yields and kinetics of biogas formation
M. Kim, M. M. I. Chowdhury, G. Nakhla, M. Keleman (CA)    
Microbial activity tests for co-digestion of food wastes with biosolids
B. Arhoun, C. Gomez-Lahoz, J.M. Rodriguez-Maroto, F. Garcia-Herruzo, C. Vereda-Alonso (ES)    
Anaerobic co-digestion of municipal sewage sludge and fruit/vegetable waste: effect of different mixtures on digester stability and methane yield
P.C. Chan, R.A. Toledo, H. Shim (CN)    
Anaerobic digestion of food waste - Optimization of process parameters to enhance methane production
B.A. Alagoz, O. Yenigun, A. Erdincler (TR)
Enhancement of energy production from biomass through anaerobic co-digestion
A. Pugliese, V. Pistolesi, S. Massoli, G. Bidini, C. Buratti, F. Cotana, F. Fantozzi (IT)
Biomethane production from residues of the dairy industry: a comparison between sweet and acid whey



15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION A7 - 16:10-17:50
AD of food waste
Chair / Presidente: N. Engler (DE)
S. Nilsson Påledal, E. Hellman, J. Moestedt (SE)
The effect of temperature, storage time and collection method on biomethane potential of source separated household food waste
T.T. Barcelos, M.M. Rodrigues, M.L. Amorim, R.C.S. Souza, F.A. Rodrigues, A.P. Rosa (BR)
Simulation of biogas production from food waste through anaerobic digestion
X. Kong, S. Yu, S. Xu, W. Fang, J. Liu, H. Li (CN)    
Regulation of the evolution of the volatile fatty acid composition by FE0 in the anaerobic digestion of Municipal Solid Waste at high organic load rates 
E. Jabagi, G. Chibani, C.A. Khalil, C.B. Mosleh, S. Ghanimeh (LB)
Treatability and energy potential of waste in anaerobic-aerobic sequential systems
A.C. Luongo Malave’, D. Fino, B. Ruggeri (IT)
Experimental tests on commercial sweet product residue (SPR) as suitable feed for anaerobic bioenergy (H2 + CH4) production
J-H. Park, G. Kumar, H-D. Parka, S-H. Kimb (KR)
Inhibitory effect of ammonia and free ammonium nitrogen on Anaerobic Digestion of Pilot-scale Upflow reactor 







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