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Tuesday 15th - Session B

SESSION B4 - 9:00-10:40
Carbon footprint in some WM options
Chair / Presidente: E. De Fraja (IT)

N.A. Saidina Amin, A. Talebian-Kiakalaieh (MY)
Carbon emission index of a biomass power plant using an integrated model
M. Dudyński, K. Kwiatkowski, P. Ciepielewski, I. Jóżwik, M. Tokarczyk, G. Kowalski (PL)
Graphene structures in Charcoal
A. Maalouf, M. El-Fadel (LB)
Carbon footprint of a food waste disposer policy at the household level: implications on waste and wastewater management with environmental externalities
E. O’ Connor (IE)
Analysis of carbon displacement possibilities from conversion of existing fossil fuel driven domestic heating systems to biomass driven heating system
A. Malakahmad, M. Abualqumboz (MY)
Assessment of carbon footprint in solid waste treatment and disposal techniques

10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION B5 - 11:10-12:40
Recycling of special waste
Chair / Presidente: E. Gidarakos (GR)

M. Louarrat, A. Baçaoui, A. Yaacoubi, J. Blin, L. Martin (MA)
Optimization of conditions for the preparation of activated carbon from olive waste and its application in the gold mining industry
P.A. Martins, W.S. Hui, E.G. Fernandes (BR)
Brasilian policies for medical waste: challenges for recycling
A. Weger, S. Wiesgickl, F. Stenzel, M. Heberlein (DE)
Waste-to-energy concept for breweries through optimized energetic usage of brewers’ spent grain
F. Girotto, M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)
Energy from spent coffee grounds 
C. Nati, M. Boschiero, G. Picchi, G. Mastrolonardo, M. Kelderer, S. Zerbe (IT)
Energy performance of a new biomass harvester for recovery of orchard wood wastes as alternative to mulching

SESSION B6 - 14:00-15:40
Waste management in developing countries
Chair / Presidente: M. Gandini (CO)

N. Tsydenova (DE)
Waste management scenarios for transition countries: case study of Toluca (Mexico)
H. Roberts (ZA)
Impact of abattoirs and landfills in the free state province, South Africa on climate change
C.E. Teixeira, L.S. Macedo, R.H. Arduin, F. P. Maneo, C. C. Guimaraes, D.C. Leite (BR)
How r&d projects can help municipal solid waste management? A case study in Bertioga, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
I. Zabaleta, M. Rohr, F. Zermin, H.M. Rabaju, C. Zurbruegg (CH)
Slow pyrolysis of urban biowaste in Tanzania - An analysis of the technical and socio-economic potential
M. R. Limon, B. C. J. Villarino (PH)
Knowledge, attitudes and practices on household food waste of northern philippines: implications for policy amendments 


15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION B7 - 16:10-17:50
WORKSHOP: Technology transfer for Latin America
Chair / Presidente: N. Tsydenova (DE)

Introductory lecture:
N. Tsydenova, C. Wilches (DE)
Technology transfer for Latin America

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