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Tuesday 15th - Session C

SESSION C4 - 9:00-10:40
AD - Digestate
Chair / Presidente: A: Pivato (IT)

E. Nordell, S. Nilsson Paledal (SE)
Reduction of methane emissions from bio-fertilizer by aeration
E. Koutra, G. Grammatikopoulos, M. Kornaros (GR)
Growth of green microalgae in anaerobic digestion effluent for nutrient removal and lipids production
W. Peng, A. Pivato, R. Cossu (IT) 
Back to Earth Alternatives for sustainable management of digestate from organic fraction of municipal solid waste and food waste
L. Digan, P. Horgue, S. Pommier, G. Debenest, E. Paul, C. Dumas (FR)
Hydraulic and chemical characterization of household wastes leach bed reactor for VFA production 
M.J. Min, K.Y. Park, M.S. Yu, J.K. Lee, D. Kim (KR)
Use of recovered struvite from anaerobic degester effluent of animal wastewater as a slow-release fertilizer 


10.40 - 11.10     Coffee break

SESSION C5 - 11:10-12:40
Anaerobic treatment in sewage management
Chair / Presidente: A. Chiumenti (IT)

J. Olsson, S. Schwede, E. Nehrenheim, E. Thorin (SE)
Transition of mesophilic to thermophilic digestion of sewage sludge
A.P. Rosa, C.A.L. Chernicharo, L.C.S. Lobato, R.V. Silva, R.F. Padilha, J.M. Borges (BR)    
Assessing the potential of renewable energy sources (biogas and sludge) in a full-scale UASB-based treatment plant
A. Alenzi, C. Hunter, O. Pahl (GB)
Evaluation of the potential of anaerobic treatment of wastewaters to reduce chronic environmental impact due to pharmaceutical residues.
A.P. Rosa, L.C.S. Lobato, C.A.L. Chernicharo (BR)
Mathematical model to predict biogas production and energy recovery in sewage treatment plants based on UASB reactors
G.R. Anupoju, S. Ahuja, K. Kuruti, S. Begum, B. Gandu, D.K. Ahuja (IN)    
Decentralized high rate biomethanation system based on anaerobic gas lift reactor (AGR) for organic wastes

SESSION C6 - 14:00-15:40
Bio-hydrogen from different biomass
Chair / Presidente: P-J. He (CN)

M. Zubkova, M. Fedorov, A. Chusov, D. Molodtsov (RU)
Tandem systems the effective use of hydrogenous fuel derived from organic waste biogas
M. Akhlaghi, M. R. Boni, G. De Gioannis, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, D. Spiga (IT)
Energy recovery from single and double stage anaerobic digestion of food waste: comparison and perspectives
R. Rafieenia, M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)
Influence of pretreatments for bio-hydrogen production
L. Alibardi, R. Cossu (GB)
Bio-hydrogen production from different foodwaste component
I. Pecorini, F. Baldi, D. Bacchi, L. Ceccarelli, L. Lombardi, E.A. Carnevale (IT)
Characterization of different organic fractions of municipal solid waste from different collection systems for methane and hydrogen production
I. Pecorini, E. Albini, F. Baldi, D. Bacchi, E.A. Carnevale, L. Lombardi (IT)
Bio2energy project: production of biohydrogen, biomethane and fertilizers from co-digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge


15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION C7 - 16:10-17:50
Bioethanol production
Chair / Presidente: G. De Gioannis (IT)

M. Barbanera, E. Lascaro, D. Foschini, F. Cotana, C. Buratti (IT)
Optimization of bioethanol production from steam exploded wood hornbeam (ostrya carpinifolia) by enzymatic hydrolysis
I. Monje-Ramirez, S.B Velasquez-Orta, R. Tinoco-Valencia, B. Davila-Cardona, M.T. Orta-Ledesma (MX)
Bioethanol production from scenedesmus obliquus grown in wastewater
S. Negi, A.K. Pandey, S. Vats, D.P. Maurya, S.P. Singh (IN)
An efficient process development for bioethanol production from readily available lignocellulosic biomass waste
W. Sayed, H. Djelal, A. Cabrol, R. Abdallah, S. Taha, A. Amrane (FR)
Enhancement of ethanol production from synthetic medium model of hydrolysate of macroalgae
J.O.V. Silva, M.F. Almeida, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, J.M. Dias (PT)
Ethanolysis of sunflower oil using different grades of sweet potato ethanol







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