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Tuesday 15th - Session D

- 9:00-10:40
Ashes from biomass thermal conversion
Chair / Presidente: J. Kumpiene (SE)

L. De Fusco, F. Defoort (FR)
A thermochemical approach based on phase diagrams to characterize biomass ash and select the optimal thermal conversion technology
C. Asquer, G. Cappai, G. De Gioannis, A. Muntoni, M. Piredda, D. Spiga (IT)
Reuse of biomass ash as an additive in the composting process
G.C. Faussone, M. Grilc, B. Likozar (IT)    
Ash removal from ash-rich ligncellulosic biomass or sludge: the BiAR process
S. Link, P. Yrjas, L. Hupa (EE)
Ash behaviour of wheat straw blends with wood and reed
C. S. Poon, J. Li, L. Fang (CN)
Characterization of metal leachability of incinerated sewage sludge ash from Hong Kong


10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION D5 - 11:10-12:40
Ashes from MSW incinetarion
Chair / Presidente: C. S. Poon (HK)

B. Verbinnen, J. Van Caneghem, J. De Greef (BE)
Chemical and mineralogical composition of ashes throughout a wte plant: theory and practical evidence
M. Syc, A. Krausova, P. Kamenikova, R. Somplak, M. Pavlas, B. Zach (CZ)
Analysis of bottom ash from waste-to-energy plants
M. Di Gianfilippo, J. Hyks, I. Verginelli, G. Costa, F. Lombardi, O. Hjelmar (IT)
Long-term leaching of incineration bottom ash in a reuse scenario: field vs. lab scale data 
A. Saffarzadeh, N. Arumugam, T. Shimaoka (JP)
Hydrogen generation from aluminum-water reactions in municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash
J. Van Caneghem, B. Verbinnen, P. Billen, B. Ulenaers, J. De Greef, K. Villani, C. Vandecasteele (BE)
Effect of dedicated additives and pretreatment on lead and chloride leaching from waste-to-energy fly ash and air pollution control residues

SESSION D6 - 14:00 - 15:40
Waste derived liquid fuel
Chair / Presidente: A. Ben Hassen-Trabelsi

K. Vershinina, D. Glushkov, P. Strizhak (RU)
Experimental investigation of ignition of liquid fuels based on wastes of coal processing and used petrochemicals
T. Seljak, N. Cuk, M. Kunaver, T. Katrasnik (SI)
Energy recovery from residue of nanocellulose production
A. Ben Hassen-Trabelsi, K. Zaafouri, W. Baghdadi, S. Naoui, A. Ouerghi (TN)
Second generation biofuels production from waste cooking oil via pyrolysis process
M. Cruz, S.C. Pinho, R. Mota, M.F. Almeida, J. Dias (PT)
Enzymatic esterification of acid oil from soapstocks obtained from vegetable oil refining: effect of enzyme concentration

15:40 - 16:10     Coffee break and Poster discussion

SESSION D7 - 16:10 - 17:50
RDF combustion
Chair / Presidente: E. C. Rada (IT)
F. Defoort, T. Nocquet, T. Florea, M. Peyrot, M. Campargue, B. Taupin, P. Levy, C. Rebillard, H. Hiblot, Y.Bertone, M. Al Haddad (FR)    
Combustion behaviour of low grade solid fuels using a new burner technology
T. Schulzke, J. Westermeyer, C. Hornsby (DE)    
Combustion of refined renewable biomass fuel (RRBF) in a fluidized bed
S. De Gisi, A. Chiarelli, L. Tagliente, M. Notarnicola (IT)
Energy and environmental performance of a SRF-fired fluidized bed waste-to-energy plant
E. Iacovidou, C. A. Velis, I. Dean, P. Purnell (GB)
Complex-value optimisation of power plant systems co-firing coal with biomass and SRF
P. Berardi, M.F. Almeida, J. Dias (PT)
Municipal Solid Waste - Study of refuse derived fuel viability in Portugal with focus on regional planning


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