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Wednesday 16th - Session B

SESSION B8 - 9:00-10:40
Microalgae in WtE
Chair / Presidente: M. C. Lavagnolo (IT)

D. Pirozzi, M. Fagnano, N. Fiorentino, C. Florio, T. Nunziata, B. Pietrangeli, F. Rugari, F. Sannino, G. Toscano, A. Yousuf, G. Zuccaro (IT)
Biorefinery-based approach to exploit mixed cultures of oleaginous yeasts and microalgae
N.A.A. Rahman, A. Sanna (GB)
Micro-algae bio-oil denitrogenation by in-situ catalytic pyrolysis with Li-lsx-zeolite
V.A. Riggio, G. Campo, B. Ruffino, A. Cerutti, D. Panepinto, M. Zanetti (IT)
Evaluation of thermal, alkali and thermo-alkali pretreatments on monospecific microalgal biomass to improve anaerobic biogas production
G. Yadav, A. Karemore, S.K Dash, R. Sen (IN)
A green integrated process for remediating industrial waste-water and flue gas for concomitant co2 sequestration and biomass production for biorefinery
T. Garoma, R.E. Yazdi, C. Chin (US)
Microalgae disruption with elemental copper for extractionm of lipids for biodiesel production
A. Cicci, M. Bravi (IT)
Microalgal production in oomww fractions and cattle digestate slurry: bioremediation effects and suitability for energy uses

10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION B9 - 11:10-12:40
Microbial fuel cell
Chair / Presidente: V. Di Noto (IT)

I. Bavasso, G. Civan, L. Di Palma, G. Ersöz, S. Atalay (IT)    
Experimental evaluation of fumaric acid performance as an electron donor in microbial fuel cells
N. Yasri, G. Nakhla (CA)
Do anodes have to be conductive? Comparative behavior of anode-respiring bacteria on conductive and non-conductive doped carbon anodes
J.G. Park, T. Donjie, B. Lee, H.B. Jun (KR)
Bioelectrochemical enhancement of methane production rate from highly-concentrated food waste leachate in a combined anaerobic digester and microbial electrolysis cell (MEC)
J. Mueller, E. McFarland, S. Smart (AU)
Microbial catalysis of methane from carbon dioxide with bicarbonate transport to purify biogas 
G. Yadav, I. Sharma, M. Ghangrekar, R. Sen (IN)
A green biocathode to enhance power output steered by bacteria-microalgae synergistic metabolism in microbial fuel cell


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