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Wednesday 16th - Session C

SESSION C8 - 9:00 - 10:40
Biogas management and treatment
Chair / Presidente: R. Raga (IT)

M.L. Borges, F.F. Koch, R.C.R.S. Brochier, P.F. De Conto (BR)
Waste management in biogas generation: two experiences from Southern Brazil
L. Rachbauer, G. Bochmann, W. Fuchs (AT)
Pilot scale application of external biomethanation for biogas upgrading 
M. Schiavon, L.M. Martini, C. Corrà, P. Tosi, M. Scapinello, M. Ragazzi, V. Torretta (IT)
Application of non-thermal plasmas for the abatement of odorant vocs released by waste composting plants
L. Pellegrini, G. De Guido, S. Lange’ (IT)
Biogas to LBG via criogenic upgrading technologies 
L. Tock, J. Schummer, I. V. Habsburg (LU)
Sustainable waste-to-value biogas plants for developing countries
A.P. Rosa, C.A.L. Chernicharo, G.C.B. Melo (BR)
Mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions in UASB-Based sewage treatment plants by using biogas and sludge as energy source: case study


10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break


SESSION C9 - 11:10 - 12:40
WORKSHOP: Waste biorefinery
Chair / Presidente: L. Alibardi (GB), A. Muntoni (IT)

In 2015 the European Commission launched an ambitious plan to implement the circular economy concept for the European Union. 
The European economic system has to move towards a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy able to maintain value of products, materials and resources and minimize waste. 
The benefits should be a boost to European competitiveness, new business opportunities and the establishment of more efficient ways of producing and consuming. Implementation of a circular economy concepts in the waste management sector will require full exploitation of values and resources for all type of waste materials. For the management of organic waste fractions (food waste, agro-industrial waste, biowaste), the biorefinery concept represents a new frontier able to maximise conversion and extraction of high value or added value resources (bio-products, bio-fuels). The IWWG workshop on Waste Biorefinery is aimed discussing potential, uncertainties and direction of development for the implementation of biorefinery chains for organic waste management.

 Introductory lectures:

L. Alibardi, A. Muntoni, R. Pomi, A. Polettini, R. Cossu (IT)

Organic waste biorefinery - New directions in waste management 


M. Akhlaghi, G. De Gioannis, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, D. Spiga (IT)

Opportunities for the use of agroindustrial organic residues in biorefineries



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