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Wednesday 16th - Session D

SESSION D8 - 9:00-10:40
Biomass torrefaction: processes and technologies
Chair / Presidente: R. Pomi (IT)

A. Alvarez, I. Gutierrez, D. Nogueiro, C. Pizarro, J.L. Bueno (ES)
Torrefaction pretreatment to enhance the characteristics of biomass as an energy source
X. Shi, J. Roegiers, J.G. Pieters, F. Ronsse (BE)
3D Eulerian-Eulerian simulations of particle flow dynamics and back-mixing in a screw reactor for biomass pyrolysis
C. Buratti, M. Barbanera, E. Lascaro, F. Cotana (IT)
Optimization of torrefaction conditions of coffee industry residues using desirability function approach
W. Campbell, K. Woytiuk, R. Gerspacher, R.W. Evitts, A. Phoenix (CA)
Continuous torrefaction of wheat straw in a horizontal moving bed

10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION D9 - 11:10-12:40
Torrefaction and pyrolysis biomass
Chair / Presidente:

S. Ramos Carmona, M.R. Pelaez-Samaniego, J.F. Perez (CO)    
Characterization of pyrolysis products of torrefied biomass with dendroenergy potential in Colombia
D.C. Vaz (PT)
Comparison of outflow and Neumann boundary conditions in finite-differences calculations pf advention-diffusion problems
H. Olgun, B. Keivani, S. Gultekin, A. Kabadayi (TR)
Experimental study on torrefaction of pine wood in a continuous screw conveyor
A. Ben Hassen-Trabelsi, K. Zaafouri, A. Ghrib, S. Naoui, H. Belayouni (TN)
Energetic conversion of olive pomace wastes via pyrolysis: effects of operating parameters on products yields and bio-fuels properties





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