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Wednesday 16th - Session E

SESSION E8 - 9:00-10:40
Pyrolysis residues
Chair / Presidente: S. Masi (IT)

K. Magrini, J. Olstad, M. Jarvis, Y. Parent, M. Sprague, G. Powell (US)
Upgrading biomass pyrolysis vapors to fungible hydrocarbon intermediates
R. Meng, T. Chen, Y. Liu, W. Lu, Z. Liu, S. Xu, H. Guo, H. Wang (CN)
Effects of pyrolysis temperature on zncl2 impregnated corn straw-derived biochar properties and vanadium (iii, iv, v) adsorption in aqueous solution
B. Ebin, M. Petranikova, B.-M. Steenari, C. Ekberg (SE)
Investigation of zinc recovery rate by hydrogen reduction assisted pyrolysis of alkaline and zinc-carbon battery waste
X. Zhu, F. Fu, W. Yuan, M. Zhou, J. Guan (CN)
Thermochemical characteristics and product properties of dried sewage sludge pyrolisis


10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION E9 - 11:10-12:40
Recovery of fuels from plastic waste
Chair / Presidente: A. Capodaglio (IT)
L. Rosi, M. Frediani, M. Bartoli (IT)
Microwave assisted pyrolysis of halogenated plastics recovered from waste computers
S. Breyer, B. Haut (BE)    
Co-pyrolysis of plastic wastes and used oils to produce an alternative fuel
T.H. Pedersen, F. Conti (DK)
Improving the circular economy via hydrothermal processing of high-density waste plastics
S. Hobbs, P. Parameswaran, B.A. Astmann, J.P. Devkota, A. Landis (US)
Enhanced anaerobic digestion of bioplastics and food waste
J.A. Onwudili (GB)
Catalytic supercritical water gasification of polyolefin plastics

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